PARSE Dialogue: Fiction and Finance


All welcome to the PARSE Dialogue on Fiction and Finance. This seminar will address the current relationship and boundaries between aesthetics, the economy and politics. September 17th, Gothenburg.

PARSE Dialogue on Fiction & Finance

Date: September 17, 2018, at 15.00 to 18.00
Place: Glasshouse, Valand Academy, Göteborg, Sweden


Leigh Claire La Berge, Miriam Meissner, Erling Björgvinsson & Ida Börjel 

How has the evermore abstract and complex economy of the last decades transformed us as embodied subjects? How has this been reflected and expressed in fiction and film, aesthetic and narrative conventions? 

The seminar will address the current relationship and boundaries between aesthetics, the economy and politics. It will engage with aesthetics and theories that combine analysis of political economy and the experiential and aesthetic dimensions of society where financialization has become a dominant mode.  Hence, it wants to address how political economies affect subject formation and forms of critique and resistance of such political economies through narrative, embodied, and sensate dimension.  It will in particular address how visual and narrative expressions intertwine the macro and micro-political economic dimensions of the senses in relation to how they are positioned in time and space. It will also discuss how financialization, fiction, documentary film and cultural critique are in dialogue and affect each other.

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